REintegrate's vision is to build, own and operate decentralized facilities that produce convenient and climate friendly fuels and chemicals.

REintegrate is a Danish company, created in 2018 as a spinout from Aalborg University. It’s two founders have worked with renewable energy and hydrogen for more than 20 years. This experience has provided substantial achievements in industrially relevant projects that have contributed to the creation of more than 200 jobs within the business of hydrogen technology using renewable energy sources. The founders have a close R&D collaboration with Aalborg University, providing key knowhow and IP through a technology transfer agreement. The company is privately owned by two founders and a co-founder. The management team consists of engineers and business developers who all have experience within the energy sector.

Meet the team


Søren Knudsen Kær

Founder & CTO
MSc and PhD from Aalborg University. Søren has worked at Aalborg University for many years doing research and development projects within industry, especially in hydrogen. He has extensive competence in the processes and is the creator of the technology behind REintegrate.

Mads Bejlegaard

Mads is a Production Engineer and PhD from Aalborg University. He has worked on research projects across a wide range of Danish production companies. He has the competencies to execute projects and ensure compliance through a background in supply chain management.
Lars Udby

Lars Udby

Founder & CEO
Lars is a Cand.oecon from Aarhus University and has worked several years with business creation within green technology as former Director of the CEMTEC Foundation. Lars is the person behind the business set-up in REintegrate and creates values for our partners.

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