REintegrate is offering convenient and competitive e-methanol for transport and chemical sectors

Renewable e-methanol

We offer clean and energy efficient e-methanol chemically identical to fossil methanol, making the transition to green seamless for transport and chemical sectors. E-methanol produced from renewable electricity and upcycled CO2 is carbon-neutral and can enable your business to meet current and future environmental regulations to ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

Our e-methanol is price competitive to other bio-products

We offer a green feedstock for the chemical sector

Heavy transport can run on a blend of e-methanol

The shipping industry can use e-methanol

E-methanol can be used to create CO2 neutral jet fuel

We want to create the green transition

We use and recycle CO2 emissions from biogas plants

We only use renewable energy

We split water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis

Our products are CO2 neutral

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